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Nepali: Patriotic Number By Albatross

Our favorite squad “Albatross” is back with another unique Albatross flavor “Nepali”.  It is...

Urja: New Album By The elements

The elements are a wonderful trio with Ishan R. Onta as the lead vocalist, Dipesh Gurung on drums, and Raunaq...

Gigs: Most Promising start of this year.

Besides all the trouble faced by covid, missing out on the musical gigs has...

Wonderful Melody of 2022 “Sasto Mutu” by Sajjan Raj Vaidya has Crossed Over 1M Views in Less Than a Week

Creator of Hawaijahaj “Sajjan Raj Vaidya’s” latest release “Sasto Mutu” has crossed over 1M...

Bipul Chettri’s New Release “Katai Uslai” On Trending No.18

Bipul Chettri’s New Release “Katai Uslai” On Trending No.18 Bipul Chettri is back with...

SaReGaMaPa Little Champs Nepal Airing Soon On Galaxy 4K TV

SaReGaMaPa Little Champs Nepal Season 1 is soon to be aired on Galaxy 4K...

1974 AD on Vinyl For The First Time

One of the most celebrated bands of the country, 1974 AD, is on vinyl...

Poet Laureate Laxmi Prasad Devkota’s House Demolition To Be Halted After Supreme Court Issued An Interim Order

House demolition of poet laureate Laxmi Prasad Devkota’s has halted after Supreme Court issued...
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