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About Us

Who We Are

Hello! Welcome to Nepali E-Chords – the first guitar channel to offer comprehensive guitar lessons of popular Nepali songs, and all that for free. Although the majority of the guitar lessons are suitable for students of all skill levels, beginners and intermediate students will probably find these lessons more useful.

Lessons are well thought through and “cherry-picked” to embrace multiple generations and music tastes. If you prefer pre-90s “adhunik” music, you will find lessons on Narayan Gopal, Arun Thapa, Deep Shrestha, Deepak Kharel, etc. If you grew up with the modern “pop” culture, there are plenty of lessons on popular Nepali bands with the likes of 1974 AD, Nepathya, The Axe, Anuprastha to name a few. So no matter what music era you belong to and what music tastes you prefer, there are many quality lessons available for everyone. In addition to the video lessons, there are also Guitar Chords and Tabs available to make your guitar learning experience even more enjoyable. If you are looking for inspiration or tips from the professionals, make sure to check out the exclusive interviews with your favorite guitar idols in the Guitarists section. You can also interact and share ideas with fellow guitarists through the Discussion Board.

And you know what? We are not only limited to guitar lessons. We have much more for you. We will be doing live and exclusive interviews with artists and bands. We will also be broadcasting live musical performances by musicians performing in and around town every week or so. For this stay tuned with us and be sure to like our official Facebook page Nepali-E chords. In addition to this, we will also be providing you with information about the latest gadgets and accessories in the market, good institutes to learn music, and the best stores to buy a guitar and other musical instruments. So, we have expanded our scope to music in general rather than just guitar lessons and we have much more to come.

Thank you for your love and support!!

© Copyright © 2021, Nepali e-chords All rights Reserved. Designed By: Roopesh Ghimire

Copyright © 2021, Nepali e-chords All rights Reserved. Designed By: Roopesh Ghimire