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Hello! Welcome to Nepali E-Chords – the first guitar site to offer comprehensive guitar lessons of popular Nepali songs online, and that too without any cost whatsoever. Although majority of the guitar lessons here are suitable for students of all skill levels, the beginners and intermediate students will probably find these lessons more useful.

Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong has revealed that he’s been writing a lot of new music in recent months. “With the new stuff that I’m writing, I don’t know – a lot of it is kind of more self-deprecating and funny. Not that I’m doing a comedy record or anything. On one hand, it feels […]

The crush of every teenage girl of Nepal, Suman Thapa who is widely known as Swoopna Suman is a young yet popular artist in the Nepali music industry. He started his musical journey since he was in school, later he used to upload cover songs on YouTube, which help him gain a lot of attention. […]

Shashwot Khadka is an emerging singer, songwriter, guitarist, and composer in the Nepali music industry. Shashwot Khadka debuted with his single ” Apratakchya”. He released the song on August 21, 2019. He is one of the most searched singers in 2020 because of his song “Batash.” Batash song is one of the most viral songs […]

Sajjan Raj Vaidya is a widely loved Nepali singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer, and producer. He Started his music Journey in 2014 with his debut single, “Aaja Matra“. Since then he has been releasing one after another song with soulful music, heart touching lyrics, and equally beautiful music videos. which hold millions of views on YouTube. […]

Pop Icon of Nepal “Sugam Pokharel” has released a song about legendary singer Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal called “Shraddheya” (translated to “Reverend”).  The 10-minute video features the singer Sugam Pokharel singing the song with the glimpses of Gopal. Pokharel has solely worked on the vocal, the lyrics and the music for this song. The first […]

Singer Padam Rai has released a new song named “Yasho Herey” on Friday, November 27. Sashi Gurung (Bangdel) has composed the lyrics and the music for the song. Similarly, Raju Karki has arranged the music for it. Kishor Thapa has done the mixing and the mastering and Naresh BBC has recorded the song. In a […]

Singers Buddha Lama and Benisha Poudel have released a new song “Pachheuri” on Thursday, November 26. The song has the lyrics by Tara Adhikari. Dipak Sharma is the music composer for it and Narendra Biyogi is the music arranger. Similarly, Shyamshwet Rasaily has done the mixing and the mastering of it. Likewise, the music video […]

The singer Pratap Das has released a new song “Reet” on November 25. The song has the lyrics by Bimal GC (Kanchhu) and the music by Raj Kumar Bagar. Similarly, Dolraj Barghare Magar has arranged the music for it. Likewise, Dal Bahadur Thapa, Srijana Ale, Kajal Bhujel and Bishnu Maski appear as artists on the […]

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