The elements are a wonderful trio with Ishan R. Onta as the lead vocalist, Dipesh Gurung on drums, and Raunaq Singh Adhikari as the bass guitarist. Formed in 2016, the band, within these four years, has blessed us with a number of songs with each one of their songs being undoubtedly out of this world. 

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "THE EL3MENTS urga URJA UPAHAR BHAAG TYAAG INDRIYA"

After collecting immense love for their previous album “Gagan” the band has just released another album “Urja” through a Nepalese musical platform “Noodle”. There, we can buy their 5-track album for Rs.1000, and it’s worth a buy. Every track of their holds unique blends of Ishan’s folkish voice and intense lyrics followed by the band’s amazing melody.


  1. Urja
  2. Upahar
  3. Bhaag
  4. Tyaag
  5. Indriya

Among all of their songs, “Birsine Hau Ki” is most loved among fans holding more than 18M views. Watch them performing live on Tuborg Open Session.