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Aleshka Karki


Sushant Kc and The Bangers: Dream Fest Australia Tour

Kathmandu- Sushant Kc just released the dates of their show ‘ Sushant Kc and...

Timi Farkera Aau by Sugam Pokharel Has Been Released

Kathmandu- On 14th sept 2022, a new song named ‘ Timi Farkera Aau’ was...

Famous Singer Lucky Ali’s (Indo Nepal Tour ) Show at LOD

Kathmandu- On 14th September 2022, Famous singer Lucky Ali had performed at LOD. The...

The World of Rock Pays Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II

Kathmandu- The world of rock pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Paul McCartney, Mick...

Harry Styles Receives First Acting Honour of Awards Season

Kathmandu- Harry Styles has been awarded his first acting prize of the 2022-23 awards...

Yesterday Was Famous Korean Rapper, Kim Nam-Joon’s Birthday

Kathmandu- A South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer by the stage name RM...

Rachana Rimal and Nishan Bhattrai’s Timro Khusima

Kathmandu- On 12th of September 2022, ‘Timro Khusima’ was released on YouTube. It was...

Bartika Eam Rai is Flying Soon to Nepal for Dashain Fest 2022

Kathmandu- Bartika Eam Rai, a well-known singer, is returning to Nepal to perform at...
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