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Achyut Neupane


K Haat Dhunchhau Ra: Nishan Bhattarai And Elena Chauhan spreading Awareness about washing hand in Humorous way

Anthem of Nepali music lover, “K Maya Lagchha Ra?” by Nishan Bhattarai and Eleena...

Kutumba To Release Their “Patan House Live Session” soon

Every Nepali Music Lovers are well known about “Kutumba“. We don’t think we have...

Live-streams & Virtual Concerts You Can Stream And Enjoy From Your Home During Pandemic

It’s a tough time for the music industry right now. Gigs and concerts are...

Music Video for Astha Raut “Fatyo Ni Maitiko Chino” releasing soon

Chaubandi Ma Patuki singer Astha Raut has established her signature folk territory in the...

Granny Couldn’t Resist Dancing On Ac/Dc’s “Highway To Hell” On The Street

Last weekend an elderly woman was seen cruising through The Spree music festival in...

Uniq Poet Free-styling In Suraj Singh Thakuri’s Its My Show season 3

Most of the youths who listen to Nepali hip-hop already know about Uniq Poet....

40 fact about AC/DC’s Back In Black, as it turns 40 today

For the 40th anniversary of AC/DC‘s legendary album, Back In Black, we’re counting down...

Meshuggah cancelling tours to Finish new album

Swedish extreme-metal titans MESHUGGAH has been working on a new album. Meshuggah has opted...
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