Last weekend an elderly woman was seen cruising through The Spree music festival in Paisley, Scotland just as local band Badboys were preparing to finish up their set for the day, closing out the Scottish music festival with AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell,” a nod to the band’s late frontman Bon Scott.

They expected the crowd to get excited, but what they didn’t expect was this tiny, elderly woman to stop her walker right in front of the stage and immediately start dancing, clapping and waving her arms about as she busted out some pretty sweet dance moves. She then struck a pose with one arm stretched toward the sky like a super-charged rock frontwoman, making the crowd go wow.

But no one was more amused than the guys in Badboys themselves.

“She was amazing and we couldn’t believe the moves that she was coming away with,” says Badboys bassist Billy Kinnear in an interview with I Love Classic Rock “We were all shouting from the stage, ‘Look at her, she’s awesome!’ She stole the show.

With moves like that, she must have been a rocker back in the day. We’d love to know the gigs that she’s been to. It was such a great buzz. It made our day and everyone else’s.”