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Achyut Neupane


Most beloved Ananda karki back with new song

Anand Karki, a popular name in Nepali music industry is back with new patriotic...

Bachau: Albatross From Home

Social distancing and self-quarantine has made performing live music and attending live shows all...

Chulbuley Man: Ani Choying releases the official lyrical video

‘Chulbule eh chanchale meri manchari, chup lagera basa na eh ekchhin nachali‘ very calming...

Slash updates new material for Guns N ‘Roses

During the pandemic, Slash and his band mates from Guns N’ Roses were busy...

LGBTIQ in Nepali music industry : Farewell to pride month

While mainstream music giving rise to what meant to be “mainstream”, LGBTIQ musicianship came...
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