Kathmandu- Prakash Saput’s “ Aaja Kaam Bholi Kaam” has reached 1M views on YouTube. Singer Saput has also announced the release date of his upcoming fun movie song ‘Jhyaure’. Here’s what he said, “ Song of Pardeshi-2 (Asoj 2) “Aaja Kaam Bholi Kaam”. Thank you for viewing around 1 million times with great feedback. Another fun movie #Jhyaure song releasing tomorrow the 26th at 9am and I’m so excited for this song because similar song and dance is our basic lifestyle. And also the feature of director Narayan Rayamajhi sir”.

Prakash Saput, a singer, composer, model, and actor from Nepal, is well-known for his work on Nepali folk music. He is renowned for using music to spread political and social consciousness. In 2018, he became well-known to the general public thanks to the song Bola Maya. He has since delivered a tonne of hits.