Kathmandu- On 13th November 2023, on the occasion of Tihar, many artists from Nepal will be performing in Sydney, Australia. The event is titled as ‘Aba Deusi Re Bhancha Sydney’. The event is going to be organized by Shooter Entertainment. The performing artists are Almoda Rana Uprety, Barsha Raut, Subani Moktan, and more.

The announcement was made by Shooter Entertainment stating, “ Unveiling a Tihar Extravaganza like Never Before! Hello, dear Nepali community in Australia! Get ready to witness the most exceptional Tihar celebration on Australian soil, brought to you by none other than Shooters Entertainment! We are thrilled to introduce an array of never-before-seen events featuring your favorite Nepali artists, all set to light up your Tihar festivities. Event Dates: November 13 • Timing: 5pm I Venue: Marana Auditorium and Civic Theatre Hurstville Sydney Jpd Mesmerizing Live Performances: Prepare to be enchanted by the soul-stirring melodies and electrifying stage presence of some of Nepal’s most iconic artists. We’ve curated a lineup that promises to elevate your spirits and make your heart sing! Immerse in Tradition: Dive into the heart of Tihar with age-old rituals and ceremonies, allowing you to reconnect with the deep-rooted Nepali culture and traditions that make this festival so special. * Dance, Music, and More: From traditional Nepali dances that echo the mountains to contemporary beats that make you groove, our events will be a tapestry of the classic and the cutting-edge, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone. Save the dates, invite your loved ones, and join us for a Tihar celebration like no other, featuring Nepali artists in the heart of Australia! Keep an eye out for more details and ticket information. Let’s unite to celebrate our heritage, our traditions, and the true essence of Tihar in an entirely fresh way. See you there. For inquiries and live updates, follow us on social media @ShootersEntertainment”.