Kathmandu- On 7th October 2023, bunch of artists will be performing at Bhrikuti Mandap. The performing bands are: Albatross, The Elements, Swoopna Suman and the Asters, John and The Locals, Satish Ghalan and Purna Rai. The performances are going to start from 10am onwards. The tickets are available on Khalti.

Founded in Kathmandu, Nepal, Albatross is a Nepali rock group. Albatross, a three-piece student band that was founded in 1998, has established itself as a major force in Nepali music. Each of these instruments has had a big impact on the music that the band writes since a couple of guys joined forces with their rusted guitars and other antique instruments to transcend the sound of Nepali Alternative music.

A trio called The Elements was created in 2017. The three friends’ first single, “Tesaile Hidey Ma,” served as the beginning of their musical career. Since then, the group has produced over a dozen songs, each of which gradually explores more uncharted ground while demonstrating an improvement in the topics and arrangements.

Satish Ghalan is a Kathmandu based singer/songwriter of the Nepalese Music Industry. His hometown is Hetauda. His single, “Mantramugdha,” is out and is available across all platforms.

Suman Thapa, often known as Swoopna Suman, is a well-known guitarist, singer, and songwriter in the Nepali music scene. He started his musical career in 2012 by uploading family videos to YouTube, which attracted Karma Records’ notice.

John Chamling Rai is a famous singer, whose recent release is Hawa Jastai which will reach 10M views on YouTube very soon.

Purna Rai is a singer of Nepalese Music Industry, famous for songs like: Dhurwa Tara, Manaka Kura, Biram and many more.