Kathmandu- On 8th Bhadra 2080, artists like Asmita Adhikari, Badri Sapkota and Renuka Bhattrai had performed live in Nuwakot, Battar. The live show started from 5:00pm onwards and there’s a service of free snacks. The entry fees is 1000 rupees.
One of the most well-known Nepali singers, Asmita Adhikari is renowned for her adorable face and sweet vocal hits. She is a well-known contestant from Nepal Idol Season 2 who was born in Jhapa. Asmita, the singer for Juneli Rat’s Sali Manparyo, is both a singer and a registered nurse. Badri Sapkota is a musical artists famous for Basa Basa Piyari, Syamunani Lai, and more. Renuka Bhattrai is also a musical artist famous for Batti Pill Pill, Kurkure Baisha, and more.