Kathmandu- On 19th August 2023, Singer Melina Rai had performed live in Ohio, USA. She had thanked everyone through her Facebook stating, “ Akron Ohio, USA on 19th of August.Lots of love and huge thanks to everyone who made the event so fruitful. Lovely people, it was so much fun to be with y’all.. stay healthy, happy and take care of yourself Akron”.

Singer Melina Rai is from Nepal. At the 2017 Radio Kantipur Awards, she was recognized as the Best Playback Singer Female.

Since she was ten years old, Rai has been studying music with her father. At the age of 12, she recorded her first Nepali song, which launched her career. A few of her well-known songs are “Timle Bato Fereu Arey,” “Shiraima Shirbandi,” “Chapakkai Ful Fulyo,” and her most recent hits, “Kutu ma Kutu” and “Machhile Khane Kholiko Leu”.