Kathmandu- Swoopna Suman’s Upahaar has already been released on YouTube. The song was released on 19th of August 2023, and the director of the music video is the singer’s wife Jyotsna Yogi. It was released through Swoopna Suman’s official YouTube channel. Within fee says only it has released 830K views on YouTube. It has a very emotional video and the audiences have liked the video and the song a lot.
He started working when he was quite young. Since he was little, music has piqued his curiosity. To hone his musical abilities, he used to watch music videos on YouTube. K Saro Ramri Vako was the official debut song of Swoop Suman. Thahai Bhayena songs from the Nepali film Intu Mintu London Ma, starring Samragyee RL Shah and Dhiraj Magar, served as his debut.
Actress, model, and television personality Jyotsna Yogi is the most well-known. Because of “the house of fashion,” she became extremely well-known. Additionally, she completed an MBA in Human Resources. She has gained popularity as a result of the powerful influence of media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.