Kathmandu- Singer Prakash Saput has recently shared a very positive and nice note about equality and end of racism on Facebook. He has stated, “ The behaviors of believing in a high caste and a low caste are prevalent in the culture in which we currently live. A person from a higher caste receives all the amenities, whereas another person from a lower caste is made fun of”.

The song “Damai Maharaj” was written, composed, performed, and acted in by Saput, demonstrating his range of abilities. The song is a potent allegory for the pervasive caste-based prejudice that still exists today. Saput challenges long-standing biases with unyielding conviction, claiming that no caste can ever define a person’s worth, value, or faith. Every person is born equal, deserving of respect, and unencumbered by prejudice, and the song resonates with this universal reality.

Prakash Saput, a singer, composer, model, and actor from Nepal, is well-known for his work on Nepali folk music. He is renowned for using music to spread political and social consciousness. In 2018, he became well-known to the general public thanks to the song Bola Maya. He has since delivered a tonne of hits.

Here’s the link of his recently released song, which is about ending the caste system and superstition: