Kathmandu- On 18th August 2023, Friday, a huge event, The Pulchowk Fest 2023 is going to be held. The fest is going to start firm 1pm and the main act is going to start from 5-9pm. The very famous band of Nepal, The Elements, is going to perform in the fest. The venue of the event is Pulchowk Campus.

Here’s how to get the tickets:

A trio called The Elements was created in 2017. The three friends’ first single, “Tesaile Hidey Ma,” served as the beginning of their musical career. Since then, the group has produced over a dozen songs, each of which gradually explores more uncharted ground while demonstrating an improvement in the topics and arrangements. Two acoustic guitars and a pair of percussion instruments serve as the band’s foundation. The band, which is renowned for its lyrical skill as well, started out with mellow acoustic tones and has since gradually moved on to telling bigger, more dramatic musical stories while experimenting with unusual soundscapes. Their songs express stories and frequently combine intricate questions with a fusion of many genres.