Kathmandu- On 20th of August 2023, singer Raju Lama will be performing in Baltimore. This is a charity event for for INLS Maryland Chapter. The event is going to be presented by Pooja Entertainment and RL sounds.

He is the heart of Mangolian folk. He is currently based on US and Nepal and is one of the coaches of The Voice Nepal. Some of his albums include: Soltini – 1995,Mongolian Heart – 1996,Mongolian Heart Vol 2 – 1999,Mongolian Heart Vol 3 – 2002,Mongolian Heart Solid Gold – 2004,Donbo Tamang Album – 2004,Mongolian Heart Vol 4 – 2006,Mongolian Heart vol 5 – 2009,Mongolian Heart Vol 6 – 2012,Samling Gompa – 2016,Mongolian Heart Vol 7 – 2018.