Kathmandu- Few days earlier only, singer Asmita Adhikari had come back from her musical tour to Hong-Kong. She had an outstanding performance and a huge crowd was gathered to witness her magical performance. She had thanked everyone through her official Facebook stating, “ Returned to Nepal after completing a week long musical tour of Hong Kong. The programme on the invitation of Thakuri Society, Hong Kong was more decent and grand than expected. Especially, the love, support and encouragement of Nepali art field and artists of Hongkong residents made me feel very warm!Celebrated a festival with relatives in my backyard as if a week has passed! That love, support and respect will always remain in the heart! There are many to remember, President of Thakuri society Binod Malla brother and sister-in-law, Ishwor Bikram Shah, Yam Malla, Suit Malla, Dhir Jung Shahi, Muskan Shahi, Om Bikram Gurung, Preeti Malla, Jana Gurung, Sagun Rana, Chetan Gurung, Manoj Malla, Prakash Dai ( Sanskriti Jwellery), Yamlal Kandel, Krishna Gurung (jpthk.com ) , Anoj Rokka, Mazzako Rai, Juni Didi, Image Salon, Galaxy Dance Studio Family, Jhapali Samaj, Blue Ocean Restaurant Family, Guest heroes of the program Paul Shahaji and Roshni Shahji and my brother Ashok Malla I express my special gratitude to all of you! Many people have lived in their heart, many names may have been missed while writing, I express my gratitude to all of you from the bottom of my heart”.

One of the most well-known Nepali singers, Asmita Adhikari is renowned for her adorable face and sweet vocal hits. She is a well-known contestant from Nepal Idol Season 2 who was born in Jhapa. Asmita, the singer for Juneli Rat’s Sali Manparyo, is both a singer and a registered nurse.