Kathmandu- Today, on 25th June 2023, the famous artist of Nepal, Laure was born. Ashish Rana Magar, also known as “Laure,” is a rapper and television personality from Nepal who was born on June 25, 1989. He earned recognition by showcasing his rapping in a YouTube rap battle. In 2013, he was the Nepalese celebrity who received the most Google searches.

Here’s one of his famous song:

Since the sixth grade, Laure has shown a strong interest in rapping. After completing his education at the LA Higher Secondary School, he attended Sagarmatha College for his postsecondary studies. His first song that he recorded, Mero Solta, marked the start of his rapping career. His buddies nicknamed him “Laure” because of the way he looked. He presently serves as one of the judges on the reality TV program Himalaya Roadies, which premiered in the middle of 2017.