Kathmandu- Neetesh Jung Kunwar, a singer, exudes a really good aura. He had lately posted a message on Facebook that encouraged people to keep going even when they try to pull your strings, be original, gather positive energy, and be content with who they are. Here’s what it said, “ I choose my competition wisely. If I don’t see anything that keeps me inspired and motivated in the business, I make sure it’s not for me. I need some change in the weather. Some level of growth in their way of thinking; Sustainable growth. Rather than fighting for a spot in a herd of sheeps, l’ve decided it get out of it and plan my Hunt. Let them doubt me, let them talk shit about me. I’m gonna work myself towards silencing their noise and that’s How Ilove it. I don’t need anything. I’m grateful I have a spirit that wants to create something different from the usuals. Thank You God for giving me the strength to risk everything”.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar, a well-known young singer from Nepal, primarily uploads his music to YouTube. He is the owner of the “Neetesh Jung Kunwar” official YouTube account. In the Nepali music scene, his song “Gedai Jasto Jindagi” is quite well-known.

Here’s a link of his famous song: