Kathmandu- New song, Jungle Ko Bhoot is going to be released in which famous actress of Nepal, Aanchal Sharma will be featured. This song is of Nawaj Ansari and Jhapalish.

Nawaj Ansari, a self-employed musician originally from Nepal who now resides in Dallas, Texas, is one of the few rappers who describes himself as imaginative, adaptable, and reliable when it comes to producing Hip-Hop and Rap music. Nawaj Ansari is well on his way to building a career with over 200 released projects and many more unreleased projects waiting to be heard after developing a deep interest in composing, rapping, and producing mixtape projects in 2015. Major songs including “Nawaj Ansari – Genji,” “young lama – Saman Nikal ft. Nawaj Ansari,” “Nawaj Ansari – Samrajya ft. Yabi and Paschimey,” “25 – In the Rain (Album),” “Nawaj Ansari – Sahi Ho,” “Nawaj Ansari – She is the Bomb,” and others are among his most well-known.

This is the statement made while releasing it on YouTube, ” ‘Jungle Ko Bhoot’ is a horror/comedy rap song performed by Nawaj Ansari and Jhapali$H (a.k.a I$H). This is the second feature from the duo after ‘Vim Saboon’ that dropped in 2022 from the album ‘Hazaar Quitab'”.

Here’s the link of the song: