Kathmandu- Anuprastha band of Nepal, who are very well known for their music and also their helpfulness and kindness towards the needy people. Very recently, Anuprastha band had made a statement through their official facebook,  ” Thanks to all dear Nepalis for showing us your love and support, and my heartfelt gratitude to all the donors who donated for the treatment for cancer patients. Thank you ‘Dubai Nepali Rocks’ and ‘Npl Dude’ for hosting us and for your warm welcome”.

Anuprastha is a rock group from Nepal. Anu means “music” and Prastha means “first” in Sanskrit, from whence the name Anuprastha is derived. The majority of their songs are in the rock genre, but they also incorporate folk music from Nepal.

The group was started by Niran Shahi, who is also the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist. Other current members include Laxman Dangol on bass, Govin Sunuwar on guitar, Manjil Raj Shrestha on drums, and Suresh Maharjan on mallet/percussion.