Kathmandu- On 17th June 2023, Saturday, Vten is going to perform live Club Oceanside Revere, US. Young Lama, Arna music crew, Kaizen, DJ Samir and KEO78 are going to perform along with him.

Samir Ghising, best known by his stage name VTEN, is a Kathmandu-based actor and rapper from Nepal. After the release of his single Churot in 2016, he began to gain recognition. His hit songs, including Churot, Hami Yastai ta Honi Bro, Sim Sime Pani, Himmat, Cypher, Kathaa, Manche Khattam, and others, helped him become well-known.

He has collaborated with many well-known musicians, including Girish Khatiwada. Ghising gained recognition for his rapping skills and broke into the rap scene. His songs have received praise for their outstanding and potent self-expression, realism, and relatability to the struggles of young people in Nepal. He is the first solo artist from Nepal to reach one million YouTube subscribers.