Kathmandu- On May 20 2023, Aunla Haru was released on YouTube. Within the few days of its release it has gained 328K views.

A singer-songwriter from Nepal, Swapnil Sharma is best known as the lead singer of the Chitwan-based rock band The Shadows “Nepal.”After he co-founded Purple Haze Rock Bar in 2012, Swapnil became a popular businessman as well as a rock icon and idol for audiences and up-and-coming performers in Nepal.

Rohit Shakya is a popular singer in Nepali music industry. He rose to fame with ‘the rap-song’ for the movie’ Dui Rupaiyaan’.  Rohit sang this song with Aashish Rana another great singer of Nepal.

Gautam Tandukar is a popular drummer/musician of the trio band, Swar. Swar is a Nepali band in town consisting of Rohit Shakya, Swapnil Sharma and Gautam Tandukar.

Here’s the link of the song:

The song is written and composed by Swapnil Sharma and the music is produced by Rohit Shakya. Gautam Tandukar is on drums.