Kathmandu- On 16th June 2023, Today, there will be screening of official music video of Cobweb’s ‘ K Tero K Mero’. The opening act will be of Gone Elvis and the venue is The Purple Haze Rock Bar. The gate will open at 6pm. The announcement was made stating, ” Hello cobweb family….We are screening our new official music video of K TERO K MERO during our show Purple Haze Rock Bar.. Tonight. Happy weekend to everyone… Cheers!!!”

From Patan, Nepal, comes the hard rock group Cobweb. The band was founded in Patan, India, in 1993 by a group of classmates, who also released their debut record, “Anjaan.” The debut album failed to find success. Songs like “Maryo ni Maryo” from the second album Cobweb, which garnered positive reviews, helped to establish Nepalese rock in the mainstream. The group is regarded as a trend-setter in Nepal’s contemporary music scene.