Kathmandu- Singer Pratap Das has made an announcement that he had performed at 5 cities of Australia. The cities that he performed were Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. Here’s what he said , “ 5 State 5 Show. Canberra – Melbourne – Sydney – Adelaide – Perth & Thank You Livents Oceania @sandeepshrestha For Making Melody Musical Night Happen Here In Australia. My Attire By @robinpariyar”.

Pratap Das is a brilliant young Nepalese singer on the rise. He is well known for becoming the second runner-up in Nepal Idol. Since his boyhood, Pratap has struggled in the realm of music. His foray into the music industry began with school-based theatrical programs. At the age of 22, many Nepalis recognize him as the second runner of Nepal’s perfect season one.

Here are some photos that she shared: