Kathmandu- Prakash Saput, a well known singer of the Nepalese Music Industry has announced about his new release, titled as ‘Damai Maharaj’. He had made the announcement though his facebook on the occasion of Racial discrimination and untouchability eradication day.

He stated, ” I was saying – this year 2075 | will be bringing my creations as the “Year Against Racism”.
The title of new creation has been added as its beginning – Damai Maharaj! Two stones of my career are another part of Galbandi and Bol Love – Damai Maharaj. This could be a sweet address for those who always complain about another episode coming but not bringing it. It was an annoying story of someone going to Arab by compulsion and unfortunately returning to a wooden box, speak love! Coincidentally, I am in Arab (Dubai) and from here I am announcing the title of Bol Maya Part-2. Another coincidence today is Jestha 20, “Racial discrimination and untouchability eradication day”. The new constitution after the establishment of the country act of 2075 and the Republic has made a law but not effective implementation. The racist roots are so rooted that even sensitive subjects like rape seem to be used to protect racial reputation. Being raped and suffering racial insults are both very serious and unbearable but because of racial ego on one hand Prabhat Bossels are in jail while on the other hand we don’t see our sympathy for the so called raped! What a contradiction is being built. Our law, our society, our consciousness and empathy need to be clear now!
Galbandi – Bolmaya Part 2 will try to decrease our superstition and false consciousness towards caste! Wait – Damai Maharaj is coming…”