Kathmandu- In the Nepali music industry, Ashesh Dangol is a well-known figure. He’s been on a number of musical tours.  After a successful seven-month musical tour of the United States, Ashesh is now at last back in his native country. He has played 12 separate shows on this trip with 17 independent artists. One of his longest tours to date is this one.

Ashesh traveled the world performing throughout his whole musical career wearing custom-made Native attire to represent the presence of Natives worldwide.” No matter how the colonial mindset is and the aftereffect still persists, we stand still above all circumstances,” he quotes.

His passion of music and the country have been reflected in this musical tour. People nowadays are greatly impacted by contemporary society, and our culture is dwindling. But Ashesh Dangol has made a good effort to persuade people while also entertaining them.

Ashesh, called “The Himalayan Hendrix,” has already performed on stages in 11 different nations and more than 12 different US states. In addition, he has headlined a number of music festivals, including Alamar Music Festival in Spain in 2007, Edinburgh Mela in Scotland in 2011, Herzberg Festival in Germany in 2011, and Fauskivalen Music Festival in Hemsedal, Norway in 2010/2011 and 2016, to mention a few. During his 2010 European tour, the Norwegian and German media titled  him “The Himalayan Hendrix.”

In Berkeley, California, the Federation of Indigenous People of Nepal-America presented him with a plaque of appreciation for his community awareness and contributions to music globally over his seven-month tour. In 2015, the Colorado Music Business Organization honored him for his contributions to music and social service.

Additionally, Ashesh’s albums and songs were nominated for different Hits FM Music Award categories in 2010 and 2016. He has also judged other musical events as a jury member, including the Battle of the Bands, UK in Nepal. In the USA’s School of Rock, he has also made contributions as a music instructor. He has published 6 music CDs to date, with “All Those Beautiful Dreams” The USA Tour being the most recent.

Ashesh will be returning in the USA to headline “Best Dam Blues Fest 2023” in September in Milwaukee, WI, the USA, to establish another landmark for the country on the global music platform.

The country must be very proud to have someone representing music internationally and making contributions to the music industries of both home and abroad.

Here are some photos of him: