Kathmandu- On the auspicious occasion of The Nepali New Year 2080, the famous bands of Nepal, Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh, The Mukti Revival and The Pariwartan Band will be performing at Hotel De’L Annapurna. The date of the event is 30th Chaitra 2079 and the performance is going to start from 6pm onwards. The band had itself made the announcement through their official Facebook page stating, “ New Years Eve at Hotel DE L’ Annapurna event – @kajane.events”.

In the band Sabin Rai on vocals, Nikesh Katwal, John Shrestha, Jeevan Lama, and Binod Lama Tamang play guitars, bass, and drums as Sabin Rai and The Pharoah.

Pariwartan has been a staple of the live music scene in the capital city since 2008 AD. Years later and after numerous lineup modifications, Deepak “Solti” Gurung still continues to serve as the foundation and bassist of the group. Original music was a shared interest of all members, past and present, but it wasn’t just happening because they were so busy playing up to even six gigs a week. The band was able to release two new original singles to the love and support of its fans all these years later thanks to the present stable lineup of Gopi Shrestha, Pravesh Thapa Magar, and Yugal Shahi with Deepak Gurung being the ultimate version of the band.

Mukti Shakya founded the Nepali blues group Mukti and Revival in the early 1990s. Sunit Kansakar plays guitars, Roshan Kansakar plays bass, and Mukti Shakya plays vocals and guitars for the group. Nikhil Tuladhar plays drums.

Here’s the poster: