Kathmandu- On 31st March 2023, a new song named ‘Virtual Maya’ has been released on YouTube. The song is sung by the singers Eleena Chauhan and Nishan Bhattrai. The song was released through PrasaiSon Entertainment official YouTube channel.

Eleena Chauhan is presently the most well-known vocalist in Nepal. She started doing cover songs to advance her career. Eleena Chauhan has always had a passion for singing. Nonetheless, she did not devote herself to singing as a child. She began performing cover songs while she was in plus two. She enrolled in the music course. By singing the song Instako photo cover reply, she later gained popularity. The Timro Mayale Badhera Rakha cover became well-known among Nepali music fans. After those songs, the majority of people began suggesting songs for her. She currently has huge popularity in Nepal as a singer.

Nishan Bhattarai, a rising star in Nepal’s music industry, has a voice that is incredibly alluring and a vast story to tell. Some of his famous songs are: Maya Pirim, Suntala, Hawa Chalyo, Timro Mayale and more.

Here’s the song: