Kathmandu- On 7th March 2023, Pariwartan Band’s new song ‘Tha Chaina’ was released on YouTube. Within few days only it has gained 20K views. Pariwartan Band had posted their video on Facebook saying, “ Have you watched our new video ‘Tha Chaina’? We would love to hear how you relate to it! Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments section, as we welcome your views and opinions on our latest release”.

Pariwartan has been a staple of the live music scene in the capital city since 2008 AD. Years later and after numerous lineup modifications, Deepak “Solti” Gurung still continues to serve as the foundation and bassist of the group. Original music was a shared interest of all members, past and present, but it wasn’t just happening because they were so busy playing up to even six gigs a week. The band was able to release two new original singles to the love and support of its fans all these years later thanks to the present stable lineup of Gopi Shrestha, Pravesh Thapa Magar, and Yugal Shahi with Deepak Gurung being the ultimate version of the band.

Here’s the link of the video: