Kathmandu- A new song of Swoopna Suman x Samir Shrestha ‘Je Chau Timi’ was released on YouTube few days ago. The audiences are very much attracted with the song as it is trending on No.2 for music at Australia, 6 in UAE and 1 in Nepal.

Here’s the song:

The song is sung together by the youth sensations and the extremely talented singers of Nepal Samir Shrestha and Swoopna Suman. The song was released through Swoopna Suman’s official YouTube channel.

In Nepal, Swoopna Suman is a well-known singer and songwriter. His most recent single, “Baacha Bhayo,” had received a ton of attention.

In the Nepali music industry, singer, performer, and band Samir Shrestha is well-known and extremely well-known. Mayalu Sunana is one of his most recent hits.