Kathmandu- On April 26th 2019, Neetesh Jung Kunwar had released his song titled as ‘Aama’. The singer had posted a video about his story behind the song through his official Instagram account. He had posted a video stating, “ Sharing a storv behind this song I wrote back in 019 titled Meri Aama. Let the bond between vou and her get stronger n stronger everyday”.

Here’s the song:

He also wrote a sweet note while posting the video on YouTube stating, “I wrote this song inside an Airplane while I was on my tour.
It was a 14hrs flight and there was nothing in my mind but my Mom. Had to write it down. It’s dedicated to that person who is missing his/her mother. We go through so many things in life, during the course of growing up, we tend to forget that they’re also growing old. No matter where we are, we should thank them cause they’re the main reason why we’re here in this world” .