Kathmandu- The schedule of Dhiraj Rai’s Europe Tour has been out.

Here’s the list:
On 14th April: Malta

On 15th April: Germany

On 16th April: Portugal

On 17th April: Netherland

On 21st April: Denmark

On 22nd April: Belgium

On 23rd April: France

On 24th April: Italy

Singer, musician, and lyricist Dhiraj Rai, commonly known as Stage King, hails from Khotang, Nepal. ‘Luki Luki’ is Rai’s first song to be recorded. In 1990, Rai launched his career. His songs typically focus on love and employ pop and rock tropes. His albums “Premi,” “Prithak,” and “Buddha Born in Nepal” are all well-known.

His solo song “Himal Najhuke Samma” has been performed in an unplugged environment.