Kathmandu- On 21st of October 2021, Sajjan Raj Vaidhya’s hit ‘Dhairya’ was released on YouTube. The song was released through Sajjan Raj Vaidya’s official YouTube channel. It has crossed 20M views on YouTube.


The song was released on YouTube with a sweet note, “ Love defies time. Love transforms time from the conductor, to the audience. Time stubbornly decides to deem itself unforgiving, all-encompassing, and relentless. Time decides one’s life, forever making it a pursuit, seemingly without purpose, without destination. Love, redefines the meaning of life that time permits us to accept. It teaches you patience, in waiting for the one you love. It rebels against time as it traverses it through our promises, and our memories. It rebels against time, by freeing you from its currency. Because when you find the one, you wait. You wait for her to learn the sound of your voice, the sound of the syllables of your name. You wait for her heart to invite yours to be one. You wait for her touch to recognize yours. And as time threatens you with uncertainty, you rebel against it and accept whatever cost it is to be with the one you love. For if it takes forever to be with her, then forever is what you are willing to expend.

Time makes life ephemeral, and love makes it eternal.

For Maya, always.”

Sajjan Raj Vaidya, whose home base is New York City, is a Nepalese singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer, and producer. His first single, “Aaja Matra,” was released in 2014, and he gained popularity after the release of his subsequent singles, “Hawaijahaj” and “Chitthi Bhitra”. “Hataarindai, Bataasindai” is one of his most well-known singles.