Kathmandu- On 21st of March 2023, a new song titled as ‘Aadha Man’ has been released on youtube. It was releaesd through Dhoje’s official youtube channel. Within few hours of its gained 3K views. The music video has been released on YouTube stating , ” Starting off this musical journey with a song that I envisioned about 2 years ago. The song is about two souls who are never able to express their feelings to one another. It’s about people who were not destined to live their lives together. It’s about people still living with “Aadha Mann”. Hope you can resonate with my music. My dear friend Nischal has helped me bring this project to fruition, Thank You. Thank You, Jyotsna (Jojo) for always supporting me and pushing me toward my dreams. Thank you Swoopna for helping with a line I was stuck on for ages, you’re the best, and Nayan for the wonderful “Aadha Mann” line. Rashik Bhattarai, thank you for the push and your continued support, Lastly guys at Stellar Studios, you guys are a gem. Ashok, Anjon, Nayan, Nisim, Nisseem, Supran, Aditya and Uzu you guys make the best team. ”

Singer/songwriter Sushant Kc had promoted the song through his facebook story stating, ” Dhoje dada ko geet sunaun sable, mithhas chuttai.”

Here’s the link: