Kathmandu- A charity concert is going to happen, the title of the concert is ‘Music To Heal and Help’. The musicians have United against cancer to help the needy people. The artists that are performing on the concert are Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh, The Axe, Swapnil Sharma, Anuprastha, Cobweb, Indira Joshi and the band, Mukti and the Revival, Pariwartan Band, Capt Vijay Lama, The Elements, Melina Rai and Pahenlo Batti Muni. The announcement was made by many bands. Anuprastha Band had made an announcement about the charity concert through their official Facebook page stating, “ We proudly announce us Nepali musicians have united for this charity concert ‘Music to Heal & Help’ aiming to raise funds for the treatment of needy cancer patients in Nepal. Jai Nepali Music”.

This is a very good initiative taken by the musicians to help the needy people. In this way people can both enjoy and help the people in need. The concert is going to be held on 20th May 2023, Saturday.