Kathmandu- One of the famous singer of Nepal, Sanjeev Singh has posted a video in which he sung his evergreen song ‘Muglan’. He has posted the video through his official Facebook stating, “ Hello guys! I am sending you loads of love and warmth through my song “Muglan.” This track has been stuck in my mind for a while now, and here I am, jamming it all away! As you tune in with the clip, also be sure to check in my original track in My YouTube Channel. Enjoy! Full Song: https://youtu.be/hXIRQElUqU “.

Nepal’s most well-known and soulful pop singer is Sanjeev Singh. Many music enthusiasts are still singing along to his heartfelt tunes today, including Chulesima, Meri Maya, Gori Eta Sunana, Ramailo Cha Yo Sanjha, etc. Sanjeev Singh is a talented musician, songwriter, and singer.

Here’s the link of the song:

The song ‘Muglan’ was released 11 years ago on May 1st 2011.