Kathmandu- On 14th March 2023, singer Nabin K Bhattrai’s new song ‘Ma Tolai Baschu ‘ has been released on YouTube. It was released through Nabin K Bhattrai’s official YouTube channel. Within few days of release it has gained 8K views. The singer and composer of the song is Nabin K Bhattrai himself and the artist of the song are Birendra Adhikari and Priyanka Thapa. Here’s how he announced about the song through his official Facebook stating, “ Brand new song for you.just released Yesterday.Ma tolai baschu.
Thank you so much guys for your birthday wishes.May god bless you all.it’s a new song .. a gift from my side.Ma tolai baschu… hope you will enjoy it”.

Some songs of Singer Bhattrai are: Sajha Pakha, Timile Herda, Timi Hau, Raharaima Raharma, Ye Jhari, Raat Bityo, Sayad Timi Nai etc.

In Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu, Nabin Bhattarai attended Budhanilkantha School. As part of his ISC, he briefly attended Nepal Science Campus after finishing school. After quitting the ISC, he enrolled in the music program at Kathmandu University in Bhaktapur. He received instruction in eastern classical music from the renowned Nararaj Dhakal and then from Prabhuraj Dhakal. His degree in ethnomusicology is complete.

Here’s the link of the song: