Kathmandu- On 12th March 2023, new nepali folk song ‘ Aafai Tada Hune’ has released on YouTube. It was released through Good Luck Nepal’s official YouTube channel. The song is sung by Ramji Khand and Eleena Chauhan and the lyrics and music is given by Prakash Dhamala. Singer Eleena Chauhan had posted this song on Facebook stating, “ A great way to start our very first gig of the Australia/NZ tour at Perth. Thank you to the beautiful audience for the love. Our thanks also goes to Sasha Entertainment for hosting us and organising this show. Sydney, see you very soon.”

Currently, Nepal’s most well-known vocalist is Eleena Chauhan. To further her career, she started singing covers of songs. Eleena Chauhan has loved singing her entire life. She did not, however, dedicate herself to singing as a child. She started singing cover songs once she hit plus two. She signed up for the music class. She then became well-known for singing the song that was the Instako photo cover reaction. Among aficionados of Nepali music, the Timro Mayale Badhera Rakha cover became well-known. The majority of people started submitting songs for her after those tunes. She currently enjoys a ton of singing success in Nepal.