Kathmandu- On 4th March 2023, singer Neetesh Jung Kunwar’s new song ‘ All I know is I love You ‘ is released on youtube. The song “All I know is I love You” is a fresh release song from the Nepali singer-songwriter artist, Neetesh Jung Kunwar. With Neetesh Jung Kunwar’s official YouTube account, NJK Vibe, the song was formally launched on March 4, 2023 (a Saturday). The artist Kunwar himself is responsible for writing, composing, and performing the song. In contrast, Diwas Gurung is the producer.

Young and well-known Nepalese singer Neetesh Jung Kunwar primarily posts his music on YouTube. His official YouTube account is called “Neetesh Jung Kunwar,” and it is his own. His song “Gedai Jasto Jindagi” is quite well-known in the Nepali music scene.