Kathmandu- Manose Singh Newa, a singer of Nepal, is going to perform at Jhamsikhel’s Moksha. The concert is in the purpose to help earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey. The concert is going to be held on 11th of March 2023 and the limited tickets cost 2000. This is a good initiative to help people who are in need. Get together to help the victims and make a difference.

It is inspiring to see someone use their skills to help those in need, like Manose Singh Newa. The concert for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria is a wonderful idea, and I’m sure it will be an emotional and motivating occasion. It’s critical for communities to unite and support people harmed by natural catastrophes.

This is a very good initiative that he has taken to help the needy people. We all highly encourage everyone to support and join this. Turkey and Syria is highly damaged by earthquake.