Kathmandu- On 25th of February 2023, famous singer of Nepal, Shiva Pariyar will be performing at Jhapa. The announcement was made by Singer Shiva Pariyar himself through his official Facebook account stating, “ Tomorrow we together should sing ‘Dhokebaj Ho’ in Jhapa. All preparations for a musical presentation at Birtamod Industrial Festival have been completed. I invite all dear Jhapali well-wishers. Come tomorrow, we are cheaters, you should sing”.

One of his famous song is:

At Radio Nepal’s “National Contemporary Music Competition” in 2003, he won the gold prize. His musical instruction began at a young age, and in 2005, Mokshya, his debut album, was released. Pariyar followed up his debut album three years later with the studio albums Swayam and Kadambini. His fourth studio album, Kya Daami, was released in 2009; it was followed by the fifth album, Fateko Man, in 2010.