Kathmandu- On 21st of February 2023, a huge event happened at Dashrat Rangashala. Famous singers from India: Aastha Gill, King, Divine, Srushti Tawade performed at the concert. The starting price of tickets was from Rs.500 to Rs. 25000. The tickets were also  booked from khalti app.

The Dashrath Stadium was ignited by well-known Indian performers. The musical performance called “Neverland Concert,”. The organizers will bring the stage and music system for the “Neverland Concert” from India.

King, an Indian rapper, composer, and performer, will take the stage during the show. His most recent songs, “Naya Nazariya” and “Maan Meri Jaan,” are enormous hits and very well-liked by the younger generation.

Another Indian rapper is Vivian Wilson Fernandez, well known by her stage name Divine.

Aastha Gill is an Indian singer, also. She is well known for her songs like “Pani Pani,” “Kamaria,” and “Abhi To Party Suru Hui Hai.” Also very well-known is her song, “Mere Gali Me.”

Another famous Indian singer, Srishti Tawad, gained fame with the song “Mein Nahin To Kaun Bey.”

The clips of the concert are being viral where King’s performance on his recently released song ‘Maan Meri Jaan’ is getting featured everywhere, especially on tiktok.

Here’s a video: