Kathmandu- Nepathya had performed at Melbourne, Australia. Nepathya is having a musical tour on different cities of Australia. Huge crowd of people were gathered to witness the musical magic of Nepathya. Nepathya had shared a post about their concert saying, “ The kind of feedback we received from the audience has increased our more encouragement. Also, we are satisfied that we have joined Nepali program for the first time in a prestigious hall like Forum.”

Early in the 1990s, while studying in Kathmandu, Nepal, three students from Pokhara established the Nepalese folk rock band Nepathya. Amrit Gurung, Bhim Poon, and Deepak Rana founded Nepathya. They began writing songs, and 25 years later, they are now considered Nepal’s best band ever. Nepathya is most recognized for fusing traditional melodies with contemporary rock music with a western flavor. Both commercial and critical success have been had by Nepathya. Nepathya is renowned for modern songs sung in rural Nepalese dialects and tunes with significant ties to indigenous music.