Kathmandu- Famous singer of Nepal, Anju Panta has recorded three songs in United States of America. She had shared some clips of her recording stating, “ Despite being in USA, the work of recording 3 songs is complete, music family, grateful to all J& Coming soon”.

Anju Panta is a playback vocalist and ghazal singer from Nepal. The title song from Na biers Timilai na Paye Timilai and Ma Timi Bina Marihaalchhu, Bhun bhun bolyo bhamara from Saput, Dil yo mero dil from Kismat, and Sustari sustari mannma for Darr are just a few of the well-known songs she performed. Panta performed duets and solos for more than 7000 Nepalese songs and more than 300 films.

One of her famous song is: