Kathmandu- Avishek Kc is the vocalist of one of the famous bands of Nepal, Underside.

Formed in 2010 UNDERSIDE is a metal band with influences from retro rock to old school trash influences delivered in a modern way.

A plan was hatched when the guitarist for the Geneva, Switzerland-based band Law of Silence and Avishek K.C, the frontman for E.Quals/Lost Oblivion, connected during a recording session at Silence Studios in December 2010, just before the first-ever Silence Festival. The plan came up as UNDERSIDE when Bikash Bhujel, Manil Shakya, and Bbek Tamang were involved.

Suzeena Shrestha is a guitarist and singer-songwriter from Nepal. She was born in Kathmandu on March 20, 1995. She became well-known because to the Albatross song “Farki Farki.” She has a connection to the well-known YouTube video Arbitrary Channel.

Famous songs of Avishek Kc and Suzeena Shrestha are: