Kathmandu- NJK Vibe had performed on CNI Expo 2023 At Biratnagar. Neetesh Jung Kunwar had shared some clips of the live concert saying, “ To the Beautiful people of Biratnagar, This One’s 4 You “.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Lalitpur, Nepal who specializes in pop music. Prior to pursuing a career in music, Neetesh worked for Ford Motor Company as a corporate executive. Neetesh began his musical career by uploading songs to his YouTube channel, just like the majority of Nepali singers. However, Nepali YouTuber Sisan Bania played a significant role in Neetesh’s musical career because he inspired Neetesh to post songs to his channel.

Here are some clips:

A huge NJK fan’s were gathered to witness the live music.