Kathmandu- Famous singer of Nepal Rajesh Payal Rai has made an announcement about Darshan Namaste-5 to be released soon. Guitarist Sanjeev Baraily will also be the part of Darshan Namaste-5 team. Singer Rai had made the announcement through his Facebook account stating, “ Darshan Namaste-5 Coming Soon. Guitar Work & Arranged by Sanjiv Baraily”.

Rajesh Payal Rai is a Nepalese singer and actor who was born on September 30, 1975. He is referred to as “Rai is King” in the media and is regarded as a versatile singer in the Nepali music scene. For more than a hundred Nepali movies, he provided the playback singing. He has also released a number of private albums, including Darshan Namaste, Rai is King, Syamuna, and others. He has also performed songs in Bhojpuri and Japanese. Between 1995 and 2015, he went on a worldwide concert tour and received various music awards. Additionally, he took part in Melancholy, a song about the environment that environmentalist Nipesh DHAKA planned, wrote, arranged, and directed and was performed by 365 Nepali musicians, breaking a Guinness World Record.

Below is a clip of Rajesh Payal Rai performing Darshan Namaste 5: