Kathmandu- On 7th of February 2023, today, Bartika Eam Rai, Yugal Gurung and Diwas Gurung are going to perform live. The performances are going to start from 6 pm onwards where Brihat Pahari x Yugal Gurung will be performing at 6pm, Diwas Gurung will be performing at 7pm and Bartika Eam Rai will be performing at 8pm.

In 2016, Rai became well-known after her debut album, Bimbaakash, was released. So far, Rai has put out two albums. The famous Nepalese Singer and songwriter currently resides at New York City. From the age of six, Bartika studied music informally. She was raised in Lalitpur, Nepal. She began performing in front of small audiences at around age 11. She was trained by Gurudev Kaamat, Roshan Sharma, John Shrestha, Shreeti Pradhan, Upendra Lal Singh, and Shreeti Pradhan. She also recorded a number of children’s songs.

One of the famous song of Bartika Eam Rai, Yugal Rai and Diwas Gurung